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How To Get More Reviews RED27Creative - How To Get More Reviews - get more reviews

This guide covers ideas you can implement to get more reviews from your customers with our powerful Review Request Tool. Below are some ideas to help get your started!

Email all past customers
Reach out occasionally to your previous clients/customers and ask them to submit a positive review on Google. This is a great way to create a steady stream of reviews, which will help you rank higher on local search results.

Text the Review Request Link to all customers after a visit/service/purchase
Experience shows that businesses can successfully solicit more reviews via text than they can through emails. If your customers are service businesses, we recommend you text your unique Review Request Link to your customers within two hours of completing a service. Automating this task is advised to ensure you send it to as many people as possible.

Turn your Review Request Link into a QR code
An easy way to get more customer reviews is to ask customers to scan a QR code that brings them to the Review Request page. QR codes can be printed on paper, stickers, magnets, and business cards to help drive more reviews ongoing. There are free tools available online that turn URLs into custom QR codes, such as

QR codes can be placed everywhere, including:

  • On the business’s front door
  • On service or delivery vans
  • On a point of sale machine or kiosk
  • On the back of business cards
  • On menus
  • On the bottom of receipts
  • In receipt holder books
  • In delivery bags/boxes for each order
  • In email signatures
  • On drink coasters
  • On rental equipment
  • On napkins
  • On Zoom virtual backgrounds
  • On an invoice

Get your Review Request Link in front of as many people as possible! The Review Request Link is extremely powerful and able to be easily “integrated” into a business’s existing workflows.

Review request links can be used in many places, including:

  • At the end of all customer support ticket responses
  • On the bottom of all invoices
  • In automated text messages that go to customers/clients
  • In emails, such as hyperlinked behind “Leave us a review!” buttons or added to transaction/receipt automated emails
  • As a redirect after a web purchase is completed
  • As a button on a website

This unique Review Request Link is a tool of our Google Business Pro listing management service. Learn more here.

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